Prepare For Acrylic Shortages And Price Increases

Recent rumors of acrylic and polycarbonate shortages are unfortunately true and will likely affect acrylic price and availability for some time.

There are a variety of factors contributing to the increase in price and shortage of material:

Resins are being utilized at an exponential rate, and manufacturers have difficulties keeping up with demand. In addition one of the large plastics manufacturing plants, Sabic, that supplies North America was shutdown to retool and implement a new system which has resulted in more shortages.

Which materials are affected?

Acrylic is the first material that will experience a price increase, and it is predicted that polycarbonate will follow suit. Consumers will likely experience longer lead times and decreased availability.

How is Supreme Printing preparing?

We work with several suppliers to insure that we are able to procure acrylic and polycarbonate at the best possible market price.

If you are concerned about product price and availability, please contact us. We are happy to answer questions and formulate plans for your future projects.

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